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Chronicles: News of the Past (3 volume set)

The Idea: to retell the ancient, hallowed story of the Bible as if it were happening today - or, differently expressed, as if the ancients had been in possession of all the facilities and know-how connected with the production of a modern newspaper.... Read More

Israel Independence Educational Kit

The Official Israel Independence Commemorative Educational Kit
An Authentic Replica of the Scroll of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, as it appeared when drafted and read by David Ben Gurion on that historic day, May 14 1948. Complete with signatures and the first seal of the modern day State of Israel. Plus a high-quality CD that includes the original recording of modern Israel's first Prime Minister marking this historic event. This unique and significant product makes a meaningful gift and lasting impression. The scroll is on parchment paper and suitable for framing. Read More

The Land of Judaism

A Powerful 6 CD audio course in English that presents the continuous historical connection between Jewish civilization and the Land of Israel.
The Land of Judaism is a unique course in Jewish History designed to enable students, educators, and laymen of all affiliations to understand and present the continuous historical connection between Jewish civilization and the Land of Israel. This comprehensive curriculum is all in English and explores historical records from the Patriarchs through the Holocaust. The purpose of the course is to offer a broad perspective for assessing the relevant issues affecting the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel.

Tkuma - The Rebirth of Israel

A new Six hour Modern History of Israel on 2 DVD's - must be seen!
The story of Israel's first fifty years of statehood, TKUMA brings to the screen the tragedies and joyful milestones of Israel's first half century: the ingathering of the exiles as the fledgling state becomes a haven for Jews around the word. Dramatic, personal accounts and documentary footage of the wars fought over five decades, along with rare behind-the-scenes insights into Israel's efforts to make peace. Who is a Jew? Israel wrestles with its national identity. Israel's economic revolution takes the country from the orange to the computer chip in a few years. The people, the places, the spirit of Israel in its first fifty years

Heritage - DVD SET
Civilization and the Jews
(Also Available on Video...Click Here)

Nine one hour programs on three DVDs plus an interactive DVD-ROM.

Winner of the coveted Peabody Award, Heritage: Civilization and the Jews is the monumental nine-part series hosted by former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Abba Eban. This epic production from public television station Thirteen/WNET New York traces the history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present, telling their story as part of the broader history of Western civilization. Five years in the making, and filmed on four continents, Heritage: Civilization and the Jews became a landmark, a television portrait of the Jewish experience with a scope and depth that is unlikely to ever be duplicated. Now, after a national public television broadcast, it will be available for the first time in a dramatically expanded form including on DVD with an interactive DVD-ROM.

The Israel Museum, Cycles of Jewish Life

Double CD-ROM Collection, Cycle of the Jewish Year, Cycle of Jewish Life
N E W! Experience Jewish Holidays and Life Events as they have been experienced throughout time and throughout the world, with this elegant CD-ROM set containing much of the rich collection of Judaica and Jewish ethnography from The Israel Museum of Jerusalem. Starting with the museum's curator cards and authoritative documentation and explanation, with videos, sound tracks and virtual image magnification your "museum" experience will be informative and life-like. An invaluable tool for understanding the beauty and traditions of the Jewish Cycles of Life throughout time.

Discover Jerusalem

A Multimedia Tour of Jerusalem Past and Present
Discover Jerusalem is a multimedia experience... Join us as we uncover the rich history and secrets behind this most sought after city for the past 3000 years. Come discover your heritage in Jerusalem...

Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica
600 South Holly Street Suite 103
Denver, Colorado 80246