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  • Jewish Recipes
    1000s of Jewish and Kosher Recipes - Without food we can not live... We all have heard the famous line, "Man does not live by bread alone...."
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Jewish Cookbooks
Jewish Cooking and Kosher Cooking and what is the difference?

Jewish cuisine has been formed both by the dietary laws of kashrut ("keeping kosher") and the many cultures in which Jews have traveled.

Jewish cuisine has influences from the cuisines of the Balkans, Galicia, Russia, Spain, Portugal and the Middle East. For example, there are a number of cold starters which originate in the Middle East and which were brought by the Turks to the Balkans.

The roots of Jewish cooking, however, are in the Middle East, where the Jews came from, and it was heavily influenced by the cuisine of Ancient Egypt and the Byzantine Empire. It has been suggested, for example, that the major role played by garlic, leek and onions in Jewish cooking is due to these influences. Arab and Moorish cooking had an equal influence on the Jewish cuisine.

At the same time, aspects of Jewish cooking were often adopted by the cultures in which they lived. The rose jam which is typical of Russian and Galician cookery, for example, may have originally been imported by Jews during the golden age of Jewish culture in Spain.
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