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Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica
600 South Holly Street Suite 103
Denver, Colorado 80246

14K Gold Star of David
Israeli Diamonds
Made in Israel - K329

approx total length 1"
approx star size 5/8"
x 7/8"

Larger Picture

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One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram or approximately .007 oz.  One carat is then divided into smaller units of measure, called points, each carat equaling 100 points.  Diamonds less than one carat, or measuring in-between carats (i.e. one and one half carats) are generally measured by points and are rounded off to the nearest measurement.  For example a 3/4 carat diamond is a diamond measuring from .69 points to .82 points, and is still considered a 3/4 carat diamond.

Carat weight plays a very important part in the value of a diamond, though diamonds of the same weight can vary greatly in value depending on the quality of the other "C's".

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond is a measurement of the inclusions or blemishes inside and/or on the outside of a diamond, under a 10x microscope.  The rating system is subjective to the  master diamond cutter, though the guidelines are as follows:

No internal or external flaws can be seen under a 10x microscope when viewed by an experienced diamond grader
Internally Flawless
No internal flaws may be seen under a 10x microscope by an experienced grader, though there may be a few minor external blemishes
Very Very Slight Inclusions
The diamond will contain inclusions but they will be difficult to see for an even experienced grader under a 10x microscope
Slight Inclusions
Diamond will contain inclusions easy to spot under a 10x microscope and may be visible to the naked eye
I1, I2, I3 Included Inclusions are visible to the naked eye

A completely flawless diamond is very rare and the price would reflect such.  Diamond quality is effected by its clarity, therefore a the higher the clarity, the better the diamond.