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Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica
600 South Holly Street Suite 103
Denver, Colorado 80246

14K Gold Star of David
Israeli Diamonds
Made in Israel - K340

approx total length 1 1/8"
approx star size 3/4"
x 7/8"

Larger Picture

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Fancy diamonds aside, white diamonds are graded on a chart and colorless diamonds are considered the highest quality.  The quality ranges from colorless (letters D, E and F), to almost colorless/brown/gray (letters G, H, I and J), to faint yellow (letters K, L and M) all the way to the letter Z, which signifies a light yellow diamond. 
Because colorless diamonds are considered the most prized, diamond quality in the higher letters (D, E, F) are the better choice.

Cut:  The fourth "C", cut, is the only "C" on which humans have any control.  For the other three "C's", carat weight, clarity and color, mother nature deals her hand and we get what she gives us. 

Cut can play an important role in diamond quality, because a  poorly cut diamond can ruin the value of a stone, and in today's world where profit is the name of the game, master diamond cutters with years of experience are in charge of diamond cutting for any reputable company.

Cut refers to the geometric shape and proportions to which a diamond is pared.  In the 1930's a Russian mathematician named Marcel Tolkowsky, derived a formula for which the calculations of the proportions of a diamond's facets (in a round diamond) that would bring an ideal balance between brilliance and dispersion.  Since then, his formula is the calculation by which all diamonds are measured. 
Though the exact calculation and geometric design are much too complicated to explain, it is important to know that a round cut diamond has 57 or 58 facets (flat planes or surfaces on a diamond that must be cut in exact relation to the others to create the most fire and brilliance).   Each facet must be cut an polished to the exact specifications in relation to the other facets on the stone.  If facets do not match exactly, the stone it cut poorly the diamond quality decreases.