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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 19 Bereishis Set
12 Lectures Corresponding to the Book of Bereishis
By Rabbi Yissocher Frand
Publisher: Yad Yechiel Institute
Released: October 12, 2006
Binding: Audio Cassette


Short Description: Turn your commute time into learning time. As you listen, you’ll become part of the captivating shiur on each tape, exploring a panorama of fascinating halachic issues.

  • 12 Lectures: Bereishis: The Baal Teshuva and Pirya Ve'ivya
  • Noach Bendign the Truth of the Torah
  • Lech Lecha: Standing for a Choson and Kallah at the Chuppah
  • Vayeira: Hagomel for Elective Surgery
  • Chayei Sarah: Burying a Man Next to a Woman - Is This a Problem?
  • Toldos: Six or Ten People for Chazoras Hashatz?
  • Vayeitzei: Talmud Torah Vs Kibud Av
  • Vayishlach: "You Look Great" - Permitted Flattery?
  • Vayeishev: Katlanis: A Third Marriage
  • Mikeitz: Hairbrushes on Shabbos - Permitted or Not Permitted
  • Vayigash: Answering Kedushah in the Middle of K'rias Shema
  • Vayechi: Buying a Cemetery Plot