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Sponsored Results: Blue Topaz

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Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica
600 South Holly Street Suite 103
Denver, Colorado 80246

Blue Topaz Earring
14 K Gold Setting
 Star of David
Ke-519 Made in Israel

Approx Length 1.25"
Star Approx Size 3/8" x 3/8"

The photograph doesn't do justice to these beautiful earrings.  What makes these earrings unique is when the light hits the topaz the star of David not only sparkles with an elegant grace but within the star, a second star becomes illuminated

Adding a hidden depth and beauty.

Larger Picture

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White Topaz, a glistening crystal-like gemstone is a perfect, inexpensive substitute for Diamond, the true birthstone of April. White Topaz shares many qualities with its look-alike Diamond. For example, White Topaz is a very durable gemstone, and like Diamond, can be easily split with a single blow.

Topaz’s name is thought to be derived from the island of Topazios in the Red Sea, where it was originally found. Others believe that its name may have come from the Sanskrit word “Topas”, meaning fire, and was used to describe the fiery-red variety of Topaz.

The ancient Greeks thought that Topaz had the power to increase one’s stamina, prevent bad dreams, protect against evil, and to sharpen one’s intellect. Topaz was said to give its wearer a long life, to make one beautiful, and even invisible in times of need. Topaz was also believed to change color if the food or drink was poisoned, thus increasing its popularity among emperors and kings.