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The Jewish New Year CD-Rom

The Jewish New Year CD-Rom (1 per ship address) - Rosh Hashana Rosh hashanna rosh hashanah Jewish New Year Greeting Card CD Rom

Great, Feature-packed CD on the Jewish New Year, Packaged with an Attractive Personalized Gift Card!

Ages: Whole Family
Language: English
Media: CD-ROM
Version: Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP
About - The Jewish New Year CD-Rom (1 per ship address)

Great New Idea! Send this attractive New Year's greeting card with your personalized message, plus an interactive CD-Rom packed with all of the features, Education, Games, Videos, Stories, Music and more... to enrich the Rosh Hashana holiday! This inspiring Greeting Card plus Interactive CD-Rom combination will be a welcome addition to your home and a great way to send a sweet new year to family and friends.

Every member of the family will benefit from this feature-packed cd. With a complete Holiday guide, Educaitonal Games, Traditional Recipes, Instructional Videos, Touching Stories, this CD contains something for everyone. Pleasing graphics and easy-to-use, this cd will be used again and again.

Features - The Jewish New Year CD-Rom (1 per ship address)

This CD Includes:
  • Educational Video: Honey Making Process
  • Educational Video: Shofar Making Factory
  • Video: New Year's Wishes and Resolutions
  • Video: Cooking with Bubby
  • Video: Synagogues Around the World
  • Video: The Living Torah
  • Traditional Recipes: Honey Cake, Tzimmes, Raisin Challah...
  • Popular Prayerbook Songs and Melodies performed by top artists Avraham Fried, Yisroel Williger...
  • Send Unlimited Rosh Hashana E-Cards to Family and Friends.
  • Educational Games: Find the Shofar, Holiday Word-Find, Holiday Puzzles...

PLUS...Rosh Hashana Holiday Guide with Explanations about the Holiday, Lighting Candles, Traditional Foods and their meanings, Listen to the Shofar, Casting Away Sins, Guide to the Prayer Services and Torah Readings, Holiday Studies and Chasidic Stories... all add to the depth and joy of this most important Holiday!