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A Kiddush Cup is a cup that is used at the Shabbos Meal, Havdalah, Passover and Yom Tov.  A Kiddush cup can be a plain and simple cup.  However, to beautify the Shabbat most Jews have a sterling silver cup.
Kiddush (Hebrew: קידוש, literally, "sanctification") is the act of sanctifying Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) or a Jewish holiday through the act of reciting a blessing over a cup of kosher wine or kosher grape juice. Because the Torah speaks of Shabbat using the language Shamor v'Zakhor, keep it and remember it, Jews believe that Shabbat law consists both of what one may not do and what one must do in order to make the day special. The ceremony of kiddush before the night meal on both Shabbat and Jewish holidays, therefore, is regarded as mandated by the Torah although it does not appear in the Torah in explicit language; the recital of kiddush at the morning meal on Shabbat and holidays is mandated by the Rabbis of the Great Assembly. Kiddush is not typically recited at the third meal ("Seudah Shlishit") on Shabbat, although Maimonides was of the view that this should be done and some follow this custom.