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Hebrew Fonts for Microsoft Word
150 Professionally Designed - Original Hebrew True Type Fonts
Ages: 9 & Up

Media: CD-ROM

Version: Windows ME/XP/2000/NT

Note: These fonts are the same styles as the Dagesh Xtras 150 Hebrew Fonts and will work in Microsoft Word, Dagesh, and any program that works with Windows standard True Type fonts. For right-to-left typing the Windows Hebrew language pack needs to be installed.

About - Hebrew Fonts for Microsoft Word

In this package you will find a wide variety of professionally designed and original Hebrew True Type fonts. Classic, Designer, Script, and Cartoon Hebrew True Type fonts for both the Hebrew and the English operating systems on Windows. These Word Fonts will ensure that what you write... gets read!

Features - Hebrew Fonts for Microsoft Word


BN 3rd Place
BN Acceptance
BN Alien
BN Alon Bold
BN Alon
BN Amit Black
BN Amit
BN Anna
BN Anna Bold
BN Anthem Rough
BN Anthem
BN Aohadim
BN Attic
BN Avshalom Black
BN Avshalom
BN Balagan
BN Banna
BN Barak Bold
BN Barak
BN Bible
BN Binary Outline
BN Binary
BN Blink
BN Buffy
BN Bug
BN Calculator
BN Candy
BN Captain
BN Capuccino
BN College
BN Concept New
BN Crazy Kid
BN Dafna Bold Hollow
BN Dafna Bold Oblique
BN Dafna Bold
BN Dafna Broke
BN Dafna DemiBold
BN Dafna Hollow
BN Dafna
BN Damagia
BN Digital Bomb
BN Dog
BN Egypt Fixed
BN Elkana 3D
BN Elkana Bold
BN Fiba
BN Firecrackers Bold
BN Firecrackers
BN Gizmo
BN Golani
BN Gothic
BN Grafity
BN Hafontia Shadow
BN Hafontia
BN Handwrite
BN Hate
BN Hila Black
BN Hila Thin
BN Hila
BN Hop
BN Ima Font Damaged
BN Ima Font
BN Independence
BN India
BN Karamel Bold
BN Karamel
BN Keret
BN Kfir
BN Kid
BN Kiskos
BN Kitsh Bold
BN Kitsh
BN Kuktus
BN Lihi
BN Liza Thin
BN Liza
BN Loco
BN Lunch Fat
BN Lunch
BN Mall
BN Manson Nights
BN Markmor Bold
BN Markmor
BN Matos
BN Michael Short
BN Michael
BN Michal Clean
BN Michal
BN Millennium
BN Modern Black
BN Modern DemiBold
BN Modern
BN Mordecai
BN Mouse
BN Netta
BN Next Genartion
BN Odd Font
BN Old Hebrew
BN Old Times
BN Oscar Bold
BN Oscar
BN Pay
BN Pentium Bold
BN Pentium
BN Phone Bold
BN Phone Thin
BN Phone
BN Pinball
BN Pixel Script
BN Pixeliom Outline
BN Pixeliom
BN Pixelware
BN Pop Boys
BN Prodigy
BN Regular Bold
BN Regular Heavy
BN Regular
BN Resurrection Round
BN Resurrection
BN Sameach
BN Sandman Hallow
BN Sandman
BN Santa 3D
BN Santa Is Dead
BN Santa Oblique
BN Santa Thin Oblique
BN Santa Thin
BN Santa
BN Shadow
BN Sharon
BN Sharon
BN Sheqel
BN Shirly
BN Space
BN Squares
BN Stone
BN Studio
BN Swirl
BN Tamar Bold
BN Tamar Italic
BN Tamar
BN War
BN Warn
BN World
BN Zebra
BN Zevel
BN Zing
BN Zrika


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