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Judaica Software: A

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A Deeper Reality
A Look into Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism)
A Taste of Tradition
Over 250 Kosher Gluten-free Recipes
All About Judaism
Three great reference works on one CD-ROM—The Encyclopedia of Judaism, The Jewish Primer and the Dictionary of Jewish Biography. A wonderful way to learn "all about Judaism"!
Accent Express
Windows 3.1 and higher
The Affordable Multilingual Word Processing
Accent Professional Word Processor
Windows 95 and higher 50 Language International Word Processor
A Psalm in Jenin (Book)
The Israeli Defense Forces in Operation Defensive Shield.

Ani Ledodi V'Dodi Li
Thoughts for the Month of Elul
Anne Frank House CD
Windows 95 and higher; Mac OS The Complete Story of Anne Frank
Anne Frank's Diary Plus The Holocaust
Anne Frank's Diary Plus The Holocaust on Video or DVD
Artscroll Alef Bet Word Book
Windows 95 and higher; Mac OS Learn Hebrew Vocabulary through Pictures, Games, and Interactive Fun!
Artscroll Alef to Tav
Windows 95 and higher; Mac OS #1 Hebrew Alphabet CD!
Artscroll Stone Chumash
Windows 95 and higher Best Selling Torah CD-ROM
Artscroll Stone Chumash (Mac)
Mac OS Best Selling Torah CD-ROM
ArtScroll Stone Chumash with English Rashi
Windows 95 and higher Best Selling Torah CD-ROM with English Rashi (Book not included)
Artscroll Stone Chumash w/ English Rashi (Mac)
Mac OS Best Selling Torah CD-ROM with English Rashi
Artscroll Torah Rhymes & Riddles
Windows 3.1 and higher; Mac OS
Multimedia Stories from the Book of Genesis
Auto Nikud Plus
Windows 95 and higher The Ultimate Hebrew Word Processing Utility
Avner & Brachot - Islands of Blessings
Windows 95 and higher; Mac OS
3D Interactive Educational Jewish Adventure Game
Avner Travels in Time - Jewish History Game
Windows 95 and higher
Real-Time 3D Jewish Educational Adventure Game!

Dagesh Xtras - Templates Xtras Make A difference!
Age Level: 12 & Up
Hanukkah Treasure Hunt Holiday Fun for the Whole Family
Ages: 9-Adult
The Jewish New Year CD-Rom
Ages: Whole Family

Aleph Bet Adventure CD-ROM Takes Hebrew Language Learning to a New Level!

Davka Software

Jewish Computer Scientists

Hebrew Prayer - Beginner's Study Tool for Hebrew Prayer - CD & Book

First Steps of Hebrew Prayer is an exciting new product designed for beginners who want a practical, effective tool for the self study of Hebrew Prayer. With First Steps of Hebrew Prayer you will hear the prayer on the CD and see the text in English and Hebrew, with transliteration in the CDs companion "training Siddur" book. The beautiful accompanying book provides easy entry to your first steps of Jewish prayer. It introduces you to the most important prayers and blessings with the Hebrew text in bold letters, line-for-line with English translation and transliteration, and is illustrated with a beautiful selection of graphics and photos. Used in tandem with the accompanying Audio CD, you can easily find and study every prayer and blessing on your CD stereo or computer.

This program has the Traditional Prayers - in a New Format! You'll now be able to appreciate the meaning and significance of the Hebrew prayers. The text conforms to that of a traditional Siddur, but every page is titled and organized in such a way that you can find any prayer or blessing within seconds. There are 60 prayer tracks on the CD, recorded with the wonderful, rich voice of Rabbi Tzvi Cooperman. These tracks include narration plus traditional tunes of the various prayers. So not only will you learn the meaning of the prayers but you will learn "How To" Chant the prayers in the traditional tunes.

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