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CD-DVD Library Manager
Keeps your investment of CDs/DVDs safe and easily accessible.
Chanukah Game & Activity Book Plus Gelt
32 Pages of Chanukah Fun!
Chanukah Treasure For Kid's
A SURPRISE TREASURE CHEST filled with 50 Toys, Games and Puzzles
Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!)
The Innovative, Sensible, Award-Winning, Cell Phone Charger for People On The Go!
Charge2Go! Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Nextel
The Innovative, Sensible, Award-Winning, Cell Phone Charger for People On The Go!
Charge2Go! Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, RAZR
The Innovative, Sensible, Award-Winning, Cell Phone Charger for People On The Go!
Chumash & Rashi Explained - Exodus
Sefer Shmos on CD-ROM - Full Book of Exodus 
Chumash & Rashi Explained - Genesis
Sefer Bereishis - Double CD-ROM Set - Full Book of Genesis
Chumash & Rashi Explained-Genesis & Exodus Bundle
Sefer Bereishis & Shemos - 3 CD- ROM Genesis & Exodus Bundle!
Classic Kosher Cooking
A Timeless Best-Seller in the Kosher Cookbook World
Clear Skies - The Story of the Israeli Air Force
The Story of the Israeli Air Force
Codeword Viper - Israel in the Gulf War
Israel in the Gulf War
Color Forever: Passover
Passover Activity CD-ROM - Make your own Pictorial Haggadah! 
Coming to Grips with the Binding of Isaac (Akeidah)
Rabbi Fohrman - Biblical Themes Series 2 - 7 Cassette Tapes 

Chanting Torah, Haftarah is a great challenge for both Bar Mitzvah student and adults learning cantillation. TropeTrainer software is a revolutionary new program that accelerates learning Torah and Haftarah chanting and makes learning fun and easy. You'll love using the TropeTrainer software because you learn at your own pace, with features customized to suit your learning level. The full set of tutorials and exercises get you chanting with ease. All the Torah portions and their associated Haftarot are presented, taught and chanted in your choice of trope melody, in Ashkenazic or Sephardic pronunciation. Choose any musical key, a wide range of singing speeds and voice selection. Display texts in your choice of Chumash, Torah (Stam), or two-column Tikkun style. Learn from portion itself, or learn from for beginners and reviewers alike that demonstrate the important aspects of tropes and cantillation. Use the more than 35,000 exercise examples from actual Torah and Haftarah phrases and verses to get almost unlimited practice.
(Exercises are organized by groups of tropes.) Trope Trainer (tm) software includes a "perpetual" calendar including every Shabbos and Jewish Holiday during which Torah is read. The calendar features adjustments for the difference between weekly Torah portions that are read in the Diaspora versus those read in Israel. Outside of Israel, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuos are celebrated one day longer than they are inside Israel. When this extra day occurs on Shabbos, in Israel the regular weekly Torah portion is read, while the Holiday portion is chanted everywhere else. Several weeks after that Holiday, those outside of Israel read a double Torah portion, while those in Israel read a single portion. In this way, those in the Diaspora catch up to the portion read in Israel. You'll be amazed how much time and effort you'll save!

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