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CD-DVD Library Manager

NOTE: Power Supply 120V / 60Hz

About - CD-DVD Library Manager

Never misplace your CD's again! As a software company we hear on a daily basis about lost and damaged CD's. As CD/DVD collections grow this problem becomes multiplied. We are now happy to offer you a very unique and eloquent solution.

Searching for information has never been easier! The automatic CD/DVD Storage/Retrieval, File Manager can store up to 150 CD/DVDs in one unit. Each automatic CD/DVD unit is daisy-chainable up to a total of 127 automatic CD/DVD Organizer/Manager units. You can have a Digital Library that holds up to a total of 19,050 CD/DVD titles! The CD Manager allows you to categorize and manage your CD/DVD/VCD/CD-R titles (e.g. Electronic Books, Financial Data, Images, Photos).

The CD-DVD Library Manager is only limited by your imagination. Not only can it be operated independently but also be connected to a PC for creating a powerful storage and management system for quick information retrieval. The easy-to- use catalog /search software is included for free. Just locate the disk title on the screen, click it and the CD Manager will find and eject the disk for you in no time.

This is a great new product to compliment your computer CD, DVD, and/or Audio CD library. Best of all, if you don't have a computer, you can still use CD Manager alone! You can easily locate the correct disk you want. This product is a definite time and money saver from misplaced and damaged CD's. We use this product in our office and highly recommend it for both home and office use.

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