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About - Israel In Your Palm (OS)
2D & 3D Maps of All of Israel with over 70,000 Points of Interest!

NOTE: Supports the following Palm OS devices: Tungsten, T5,T3,TC,T,T2,TE,TE2,TX, LifeDrive, Treo 600, Treo 650, Zire 31, 71, 72

The following Palm OS devices are supported and come with a built-in GPS system: Garmin 3000, 3200, and 3600

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About - Israel In Your Palm (OS)

Imagine carrying all of Israel in your Palm! Now you can with Israel's #1 rated Maps and Navigation software for Palm OS. Zoom-out to see the country, zoom-in step-by-step to see regions, cities, towns, down to specific streets and addresses! PLUS - over 70,000 points of interest including all of the Holy Places, Airports, Embassies, Synagogues, Nature Sites, Parks, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Malls and more!

This is a great educational device for learning the ins and outs of the holiest place on earth. Also, this is a great way for trip planning. Put in starting and ending points and have your routes mapped out before you leave.

When in Israel attach an optional GPS receiver to your Palm device and Israel in Your Palm becomes a fully functional GPS guidance system complete with speaking directions as you drive! Not only that but the maps are designed to keep you out of any danger area (please see license agreement and product disclaimer).

Features - Israel In Your Palm (OS)

  • Plug and Go! No installation required
  • Updated maps by Mapa(C)
  • Free software upgrade for life and one free map upgrade
  • Switch between 2D and amazing 3D map rendering
  • Over 70,000 Points of Interest pre-programmed into the maps, including: Holy Places, Burial Places of holy and historical figures, Restaurants, Parks, Nature Sites, Malls, Gas Stations, Embassy's and more...
  • Slick easy-to-use interface with large buttons on screen - no stylus is needed
  • Intelligent address search functionality predicts your entry within a few clicks
  • With Optional GPS receiver (sold separately) this software becomes a fully functional GPS Navigation system when in Israel.
  • Automatic route recalculation
  • Does not require PC and PC installation
  • All necessary software and maps reside on the 128MB SD card (included with purchase)
  • 100MB free storage for you to use for backup or saving media files
    Search for any part of the street name or city - just start typing and udrive will show you possible results
  • Male or Female clear voice instructions in your choice of Hebrew or English
  • Crystal clear and colorful map display
  • Customizable color set
  • The first system in Israel to provide semi-realistic 3D view with street names, city features (such as green areas and buildings) and point of interests in 3D

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