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Voices For Israel

50 Jewish Music Stars Joining their voices for Israel - 2 CD Set PLUS Music Video! 

Profits from this cd go to Victims of Terror in Israel.

VOICES FOR ISRAEL is the most ambitious Jewish Music project ever undertaken, bringing together over 50 Jewish Music stars from throughout the broader Jewish community, joining their voices for Israel. The objective of VOICES FOR ISRAEL is to express support for, and solidarity with, the people of Israel during these trying times, and to promote a global sense of Jewish unity and community. And there is no more inspiring way to convey our innermost hopes, feelings, and prayers than through song.

Clear Skies - The Story of the Israeli Air Force

The Story of the Israeli Air Force

Despite its humble beginnings as a simple "Sherut Avir" (Air Service) in 1947, in the short half-century since its inception the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has soared to international distinction as one of the most imposing aerial legions in military history. Often said to have been "born in battle", the IAF has grown strong not by field practice, but through the exercise of countless defensive attacks, "redemption" airlifts, and covert pre-emptive missions.

The Land of Judaism

A Powerful 6 CD audio course in English that presents the continuous historical connection between Jewish civilization and the Land of Israel.
The Land of Judaism is a unique course in Jewish History designed to enable students, educators, and laymen of all affiliations to understand and present the continuous historical connection between Jewish civilization and the Land of Israel. This comprehensive curriculum is all in English and explores historical records from the Patriarchs through the Holocaust. The purpose of the course is to offer a broad perspective for assessing the relevant issues affecting the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel.

Israel's Wars 1948-2000

A comprehensive documentary through the military history of Israel.
Featuring up-close, intimate footage and highly informative narration, "Wars of Israel" provides a comprehensive documentary and engaging journey through the military history of the modern state of Israel. Experience the struggles and the joy of the War of Independence (1948), when five heavily equipped modern armies struck at this tiny nation on the day of her birth, sending her citizens scrambling to form make-shift weapons of irrigation pipes and other agricultural tools.

Codeword Viper - Israel in the Gulf War

Israel in the Gulf War

During the course of the Gulf War (beg. 17 January 1991), Saddam Hussein fired 39 SCUD missiles at Israel in 19 volleys. Miraculously, although many were wounded and much destroyed, only 13 people died as a result of the attacks. The Israeli Defense Forces made it known that "[i]t was Baghdad's declared goal to torch half the state of Israel."

Anne Frank's Diary Plus The Holocaust

Anne Frank's Diary Plus The Holocaust on Video or DVD
2 Videos in one! Originally entitled "Dear Kitty: A Film About the Life of Anne Frank", this special was created by the Anne Frank Centre located in the house of Anne's hiding in Amsterdam. It places Anne's diary in historical context, explaining the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the begin of World War II, and the German invasion of Holland, all while it follows Anne and her family on their flight from their home in Frankfurt into the care of a group of Dutch Christians. The Holocaust by Yad Vashem chronocles the political developments that led up to the rise of Hitler and the drastic social changes that he managed to introduce practically overnight.

Follow Me...The Six Day War

The Story of the Israel's Six Day War
On June 5, 1967, fourteen hostile armies from three huge Arab nations suddenly descended upon the state of Israel from every side and direction. Yet in just six days, this tiny country not only defended herself, but won a decisive victory that changed the map of the Middle East.

Israel in Song

A Visual Adventure of A Multifaceted Land and People "Israel in Song" takes you on a visual adventure of this land of extremes, traveling through the wooded green mountains and hills of the north to the desert springs of the south, from the urban landscapes of Israel's four major cities to the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea at Eilat, stopping, of course, to appreciate all the wildlife in between. This land is, however, first and foremost the Jewish Homeland, a land of redemption for God's Chosen People. 35 folk, religious, and even modern songs from every corner of their exile and Israel itself, lamenting and celebrating every aspect of the Jewish experience, invest your visual journey with an emotional intensity that... well, it's o.k. if you cry.

Virtual Old City Jerusalem

Full 360 Degree Panoramic Technology! If you never visited Jerusalem this is a must have CD, if you are planning to visit, this will make your trip many times more enjoyable, and if you ever visited Jerusalem, this will bring back a flood of memories...

Discover Jerusalem

A Multimedia Tour of Jerusalem Past and Present. Discover Jerusalem is a multimedia experience... Join us as we uncover the rich history and secrets behind this most sought after city for the past 3000 years. Come discover your heritage in Jerusalem...

Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica
600 South Holly Street Suite 103
Denver, Colorado 80246