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Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd Edition (SHIP INTL)
An essential source of information on Jewish life, culture, history, and religion.

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Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd Edition (SHIP USA)

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About - Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd Edition (Ship in USA)

Since 1972, the Encyclopaedia Judaica has been the leading source for information on the Jewish people, the Jewish faith and the state of Israel - how they have shaped and been influenced by our world. As the result of a U.S.-Israeli publishing partnership, the second edition of this important reference is now available for a new generation.

In 1972, the Encyclopaedia Judaica fulfilled the longstanding dream of capturing the full richness of Jewish culture in a single authoritative publication, heralded in the scholarly community as one of the best reference works ever compiled. Today this treasured resource has a new second edition, updating the worldwide scope of Judaism's 5,700-year history. Thousands of new entries grace the beautiful 22-volume set. Designed for ease of use, with expanded imagery portraying Judaism's worldwide scope, it's as ideal for the home as the for finest university libraries.

The guiding principle of the editors of Encyclopaedia Judaica Second Edition was to retain the broad, solid scholarship of the original edition while giving voice to the present generation. From the achievements and contributions of Jewish women, to new Holocaust awareness, from Jewish Law and Community Life, to Popular Culture, the Encyclopaedia celebrates the achievements of Jews and illuminates their history.

Features - Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd Edition (Ship in USA)

The Encyclopaedia Judaica 22-volume set contains:

  • More than 21,000 articles written by an international team of scholars

  • Completely updated for today's students and researchers

  • 2,600 new entries researched and written for this edition

  • 600 maps, tables and illustrations within the text

  • More than 150 pages of stunning, full-color photo inserts

  • 30,000 new bibliographical listings

Ideal for:

  • Individuals & Gifts - Give a gift of knowledge Encyclopaedia Judaica, Second Edition is a treasured resource that offers the most recent and comprehensive scholarship on Jewish life, culture history and religion. This extraordinary work will be an important addition to the home library of any Jewish family - or makes a meaningful gift for any lover of books and learning.

  • Home Library - The perfect addition for your home library
    When Encyclopaedia Judaica is part of your home library, you have the collective knowledge of the world's great scholars on subjects of Jewish life, faith and tradition at your fingertips for easy reference.
    Schools, Synagogues, Community Centers - Enhance your community service with this oustanding work appreciated by all ages

  • The love of books, the discipline of study, the joys of learning have been important ingredients of Jewish life for centuries. When you purchase Encyclopaedia Judaica for your local school, synagogue or community center you provide Jewish families in your community with resources to enrich their learning - from Jewish holidays and heritage to biographies of individuals from history or popular culture and much more.

History of the Encyclopedia Judaica

In 1928, Nahum Goldman's Eshkol Publishing Society in Berlin began publication of a comprehensive reference work on the history and culture of the Jewish people. The German-language Encyclopaedia Judaica was never finished due to the Nazi takeover of power.

The original, pre-war ten volumes (Aach to Lyra) of the first Encyclopaedia Judaica stand today as an evocative and tragic reminder of the barbarism of Hitler's Germany, enduring as a testament to the intellect and spirit of European Jewry.

Goldman was the last surviving member of the editorial board of the German-language Encyclopaedia Judaica. Using funds he received as reparations, he helped revive the Encyclopaedia Judaica, this time in Israel. Work began on the project in 1966 at Keter Publishing House in Jerusalem.

In 1972, more than 45 years after it was begun, the first completed English language edition of Encyclopaedia Judaica was finally released by Keter and Macmillan Reference USA. Like its unfinished predecessor, this Encyclopaedia aimed to provide an exhaustive and organized overview of Jewish life and knowledge. The 16-volume set was hailed as 'a work of transcendent value' by Choice magazine and as "an indispensable reference tool" by the Library Journal review.

The American Library Association named the Encyclopaedia Judaica a 'major reference work of the 20th century.' Now the second edition is here to serve as a rich source of information on Jewish thought and knowledge for a new century and a new generation.

Images - Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd Edition (Ship in USA)

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