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Gabai - Synagogue Management

Gabai - Synagogue Management
Synagogue / Temple / Professional Management System
Age Level: Adult
Media: CD-ROM
Version: Windows 95 and higher

About - Gabai - Synagogue Management

Gabai 2000 is the type of program that every Rabbi, Gabbai, or Synagogue Administrator MUST HAVE!

A Synagogue or a Temple is a complex operation.

Not only do they have income and expenses to supervise, but they also have the additional burden
of having to deal with many individual needs that are very time specific
such a Yahrzeits and Bar Mitzvahs etc. Add that to all the other duties and scheduling that go on in the Synagogue and you have a Gabai's nightmare.
Gabai 2000 is a Gabai's dream come true...
Gabai 2000 is the complete solution...
Gabai 2000 was written by a Gabai for Gabais!
Gabai 2000 is simple to operate... yet powerful...

Gabai contains many features that programs costing 10 times the price don't have.
It has an exceptional easy to use interface.
The program leads you step by step through the database building stages,
so when you are finished you have a valuable tool that will permit you to maximize the services
that your Synagogue provides for its membership in a most efficient way.

Gabai 2000 give you full control of every facet of your Synagogues activities.
It will track all events, even if you have three or four different minyanim.
It will print out monthly events calendars that can contain all the goings on at your synagogue.
It will track contributions, and even mail reminder letters to those that forgot to pay their

In short this program does everything even plans seating charts and prints seating labels.

Every Gabai knows he could use a good Synagogue Administration software program.
TES is certain that this is the best solution...

In fact we back it with a 30 Day MBG, that is a thirty day Money Back Guarantee.
Order the program, try it at your home or Synagogue office, we are confident that this is
the solution you are looking for.

Features - Gabai - Synagogue Management

Easy Data Entry of Membership...
Tracks... Membership / Prayers / Back Office...
Tracks up to 4 Minyanim and as many as 50,000 Members...

Track Synagogue Events...
Daily Electronic To Do Pad...
Hebrew English Date Calculator... ideal for Bar Mitzvahs and Yahrzeits...
Shabbat Prayers Kiddush & Shalos Seudos Scheduler...
Schedule Honors and Duties...
Tracks Aliyot & Yahrzeits...
Print Aliyot & Yahrzeit Schedules...
Print Seating Charts...
Print Seating labels...
Prints Mailing Labels...
Print monthly Calendars of Events...
Print Membership Reports...
Print Billing Reports and individual Bills...
Fully integrated Accounting & Back Office System...
General Ledger & Accounting System system handles as many as 50,000 individual memebers accounts.
Print and Send out Yarhzeits Reminders...
Print and Send REMINDERS to pay membership dues...

All information can be printed & reported...

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