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Jewish Clipart
Over 1,000 Fun and Original Jewish graphics!
Age Level: 9-Adult
Media: CD-ROM

Version: Mac OS Windows 95 and higher
ISBN: 1-931711-10-0

About - Jewish Clipart

Now you too can be an artist. Whether you are making a School Newsletter or a simple greeting card, Jewish Clipart will make your work it easier and more professional looking!

Over 1,000 unique graphics in many formats, plus a viewer for easy selection and downloading make this a MUST HAVE CD.

These pictures are NOT DUPLICATING any existing Clipart collection. These are all NEW & ORIGINAL.

Do you use email? Great, all the graphics have been formatted to work in e-mail without slowing your e-mail delivery down. Imagine zipping these great graphics to your internet pen-pals.

Do you need art for the Internet? No problem, every graphic has been optimized for Web use. Now you can make your internet site come alive!

Many of the graphics are grouped as families of art. That means that the art can be used either as stand alone art or you can group them, and create meaningful scenes, ideal for classroom worksheets and school handouts. You can even create your own cartoons! Faces and hats are interchangeable and permit creativity.

If you wish to work with these graphics in a professional way, that is also included on the CD. Every graphic is included in the professional vector based EPS graphic format and can be disassembled and customized to suit the artists needs.

Jewish Clipart was designed to work smoothly with all graphics programs including Corel Draw, Dagesh-Pro, Microsoft Word, Accent, as well as with Bible Scholar. There is no doubt that this Clipart CD is unique and a valuable addition to your graphic art collection

Images - Jewish Clipart

Israeli Flag

Features - Jewish Clipart

CLIP ART CATEGORIES Alef-Bet Food Months Sports Animals Holidays Occassions Synagogue Borders Israel Parsha Clothes Learning People Egypt Mitzvas Signs.

Hebrew Vowels

Western Wall

Apple & Honey

Breast Plate of High Priest

Reviews - Jewish Clipart

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich (1/1/1999) wrote:
Rating: Four out of Five stars

Jewish observance permeates the content of this disk, which will be welcomed by Jewish schools here and in the Diaspora that need artwork to decorate classes or newsletters, religious children who want to illustrate school reports, and synagogues that produce bulletins to their members. It can also be used to beautify e-mail messages and produce customized stationery.

The disk contains files in the .bmp, .eps, .gifsmac, .gifswin, .pict, and viewers format. Most PC users, who dont have any special word- or picture-processing format, will use .bmp. The program, which doesnt have to be installed in order to view the photos, presents the 1,100 pieces of clip art in these categories: Alef-Bet, animals, borders, clothes, Egypt, food, holiday, Israel, learning, miscellaneous, mitzvot, months, occasions, parasha, people, signs sports, and synagogue.

Everything is Jewish: Even the Hebrew letters and the basketball have skullcaps. And so do the illustrations for wiseguy and tough guy! Only the nonkosher pig doesnt have one. There is an illustration for hell (Gehenna) and Hamans 10 sons hanged on a single tree.

Produced by an excellent haredi-owned and -run software company, the program has illustrations that teach avoiding malicious language, to respect the elderly, and to help the needy. There are blessings, as for the Sheva Brachot post-wedding celebrations, that can be printed out in color and handed to participants.

The disk also presents Israeli national flags - and several of pizzas and felafel, which make the disk authentically Israeli.

The Print & Internet-ready illustrations will serve the disks purpose very well. There is nothing on the (admittedly limited) market like this, and Davkas existing clip-art disk has only 500 illustrations.

Copyright (C) 1999 The Jerusalem Post

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