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About - My Siddur Quiz

You don't have to be majoring in Hebrew Language to need My Siddur Quiz. Anyone and everyone who opens a Siddur to pray can benefit from My Siddur Quiz. My Siddur Quiz teaches over a 6,000 words used in Daily and Holiday Prayers. Just imagine how good it feels to UNDERSTAND what you are saying and praying. Six thousand words in Hebrew is a lot, it covers just about every word in your Siddur (prayer book).

Now with My Siddur Quiz you can become proficient and appreciate the beautiful words you otherwise may just mumble without understanding. You will feel your comprehension increase every time you use the program, and in turn you will understand more and more of what you are praying! Enjoy the time spent praying.

An additional bonus with My Siddur Quiz is you can print your study words with the Translations to study away from the computer. Plus There is a fully Printable Siddur Dictionary that is included and can be used independent of the program. Lastly My Siddur Quiz will track your progress and will print personalized reports and certificates of accomplishment.

Features - My Siddur Quiz

* Six Thousand Key Words used Daily & Holiday Prayer
* Increases your working Siddur Vocabulary
* Challenges you to remember and sppeds up the learning process
* Gives easy English Translation
* Repeats Questions that were answered wrong.
* Corrects Mistakes
* Tracks your progress
* Grades you and prints certificates of accomplishment
* Builds confidence in Biblical Hebrew & Aramaic
* Play against the Computer
* Prints a list of your mistakes with the correct answers for review.
* Prints Siddur Dictionary for studying away from the computer.
* Watch your score increase and your Siddur Comprehension dramatically Improve!


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