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About - NisusWriter 6.5

For the first time, the Jewish Community can write in English plus Hebrew, Russian, Persian, Yiddish... as many as 19 different languages in the same document with the same word processor. And Nisus Writer gives you this capability because its the first word processor thats completely Macintosh® WorldScriptTM savvy. Nothing compares for diverse language writing flexibility, especially in right-to-left text entry. Not to mention powerful editing, formatting, graphics, and layout features, including footnotes and automatic cross-referencing. You can now save any Nisus Writer file in HTML format to easily create web pages. If you are a rabbi, an educator, or a community lay leader, or just need to occasionally add Hebrew to your wordprocessing documents, Nisus Writer is for you.

Features - NisusWriter 6.5

Nisus Writer gives you the power to write in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish, all in the same document. Nisus 6.0 has an abundance of features, including: Tables Recorded sound annotation Floating tool bars Equation Editor QuickTime support Publish and Subscribe Find materials used in one file to use again in others. Nisus Writers unparalleled Find/Replace capability allows you to search in multiple, closed sermon, bulletin article, eulogy and/or story files for key words or phrases and create a concordance of their occurrences. When Nisus Writer finds them you can copy them from one file and paste into other documents. You can find any Hebrew word in your document whether it appears with or without vowels.

Nisus Writer 6.5 Updates

* PowerPC only
* Runs in Classic mode under Mac OSX
* Runs on any Macintosh running 8.5 or later
* Added outlining (see the Outline submenu of the Tools menu).
* Added the Document Manager (see the Documents menu to the right of the Gear/Cogwheel menu).
* Changed: moving paragraphs (selected by "quadruple-clicking" 4-clicks) has been changed. Copy and Paste now allow you to copy a paragraph by pasting either at the end of the paragraph in front, or at the beginning of the paragraph behind the new location. Drag and Drop adds an additional return at the end of the selection.
* Changed: the "Plain Text" command no longer clears user defined styles. This was changed so that choosing plain text within an outline would not break the outline.
* Fixed a crashing bug when quickly typing more than 32 characters in the Catalog window.
* Fixed support for importing and exporting footnotes using the Mercury RTF filter. The changed filter itself (installed with this version) is also required for footnotes to work.

Nisus Writer 6.0.1 Updates

* Nisus Writer 68K version is now released.
* Navigation Services is now a preference you can turn on (in the Startup preferences).
* The TidBITS AutoCorrect glossary, created by Adam Engst consisting of over 2700 words is now shipped in the Glossaries folder of the Nisus Writer Tools folder.
* A selection of Nisus New Files is now available in the Stationery folder of the Nisus Writer Tools folder (none of them require the English (UK) dictionary.
* The HTML documentation has been compressed and optimized.
* A new Nisus Table Tool released which updates the functioning of some menus.

Nisus Writer 6.0 Features

* Zoom feature opens a floating window which shows an enlarged (or reduced) version of the text at and near the insertion point.
* Added an automatic Glossary Expansion feature. When turned on, any abbreviation you have defined will be expanded automatically as you type. The setting is saved in the preferences file.
* Added a new feature called the Nisus Text Analyzer Tool. It analyzes the text of the current document and produces phrase lists according to relevance indexes. These can be a useful starting point for indexing. Can also be used for very quickly producing a word list of your document. Also lists number of words, number of unique words, and the frequency of each word and phrase.
* Support for Navigation Services was added, including Open dialog preview of text documents, Nisus Writer Glossary documents and Macro documents.
* Support for contextual menus was added.
* A new Grammar Checker is included.
* IBM's dictation software "ViaVoice" is supported.
* Importing of graphics files using QuickTime has been added.
* A new XTND RTF Filter from Mercury Software has been added.
* Feature added to allow you to copy the displayed data in the Word Count dialog.
* A special file save called Nisus¨TextPlus was added to the list in the Save dialog. It saves the document as a text file with all the notes (endnotes or footnotes) converted to text.
* Nisus Table tool now remembers font setting of each empty cell.
* Platinum menu background. (This is not yet support for Appearance Manager.)
* Options added to the spelling dialog to allow you to turn off capitalization and repeat words checking.
* Checkbox in Find/Replace window for turning on/off search through headers/footers and footnotes.
* Catalog Icon display has been added for users of MacOS 8.5-9.0.4
* Save Settings button, in the Print dialog, saves our custom Print setting panel items (e.g. page numbers as numbered in document).
* Feature to make Find/Replace more friendly. If the Find/Replace checkbox "In Selection" is on, but there is no selection and the user initiates a search/replace operation, the checkbox is automatically turned off and the operation carried out on the active document. Previously forgetting that it was on would cause "Expression Not Found" messages and frustration.
* When search is run from a macro, searc

Reviews - NisusWriter 6.5

Charles Hadad (11/1/2000) wrote:
A Word Challenger with Some Classy Tricks
Nisus' latest word processor gives Mac users most of what they would get from Microsoft's program plus some neat features all its own

Microsoft Word is the most used piece of software on the planet, but that doesn't mean it's the most loved. In fact, many users enjoy using Word about as much as they do weeding a prickly bed of roses. If you're a Mac enthusiast who finds Word a thorn in your side, take heart. There's an alternative program called Nisus Writer. It offers 90% of Word's features, but at $100, it sells for about one-third the price of Microsoft's word processor.

Nisus Writer, published by a small company in Southern California, has just released a long-awaited upgrade. Fans may be disappointed by the lack of new features, but Nisus Writer 6.0 is nevertheless powerful and easy to use. In fact, on the Mac platform, it's the last serious challenger to Word. And while Microsoft feigns ignorance about Nisus, it seems to be impressed enough by Writer to have added many of its best features to the last two versions of Word for the Mac. These include unlimited undos, multiple clipboards, a thesaurus and dictionary, and the ability to link one document to another.

Nisus has long been an innovator: Its word processor was the first, for example, to let you write in several languages within the same document. But Writer does have some glaring weaknesses. Nisus' small staff has struggled -- and failed -- to improve the way the program handles tables and multiple columns. Nisus doesn't include an outlining feature, nor does it let you create live links to Web sites from within documents. Word does all of these things well.

That said, Nisus Writer is an outstanding program. It's simple to learn and use, and you can easily customize it with your own features. Also, the program is fast and stable, which can't be said of Word. One of the biggest knocks against the Microsoft program is that it's crash-prone and sluggish, especially with large documents. I can personally testify that both charges are painfully true.

TALKING BACK. Despite Microsoft's imitation of some of Writer's features, Nisus still has a few tricks all its own. One is the ability to read back what you've written, which is great for proofreading. Microsoft included a text-to-speech feature in Word 98, but it didn't work well. The feature was yanked in Word 2001 (part of Office 2001, available for the Mac only). Nisus also lets you save as many as 10 different items at the same time on separate clipboards. You can edit any clipboard -- adding new text or changing fonts and color -- and then paste the contents of each separately. Microsoft added a multiple clipboard feature to Word 2001, but its version is crude compared with that of Nisus.

There's one trick Microsoft hasn't even attempted. Nisus lets you simultaneously select and edit words or sentences that aren't adjacent to one another. For example, you could copy the first and last sentence of a document at the same time and then paste them together in one paragraph in a new document.

Such great innovations, however, seem to be a thing of the past. In the latest version, Nisus has added only a handful of new features -- such as contextual menus, the automatic expansion of glossary abbreviations, and a grammar checker -- and many of them are about playing catch-up with Word. Sadly, the grammar checker doesn't work any better than Word's. What does work well, thank goodness, is an enhanced ability to create files that Word can read, and vice versa. Without such a feature, Nisus would be useless in a Word-dominated world.

Despite all of Nisus' word processing firepower, many longtime users are unhappy with version 6. The disgruntled are roughly divided into two camps -- those who wanted a good tool to create tables within a document and those who were hoping for a built-in outliner. Nisus won't say whether these features will be added in future versions. But it does say that Nisus will be rewritten to work with Apple's jazzy new operating system, OS X, and it promises that the rewrite will include lots of new, high-powered features.

So is Nisus for you? I'd say yes if you write lots of long documents, such as books, reports, and theses. And no word processor is better at handling multiple languages within a document.


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