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About - Parsha on Parade – Complete 5 CD Set!

Reuven A. Stone and Menachim Z. Shimanowitz have joined forces with TES, producing a 5 part multi-media series that teaches the Parsha (weekly portion of the Torah ) in a fun and exciting way.

Colorful, interactive screens for every Parsha feature the episode, coloring pages, midrash, games and puzzles as well as roll-over action, original music, animated buttons and the voices of those zany Torah Tots.

Childen of all ages will love clicking their way through this one-of-a-kind multi-media extravaganza. Its a valuable learning tool that will bring joy and edutainment to every Jewish home and school for years to come.

Features - Parsha on Parade – Complete 5 CD Set!

Program Features Include:

* Interactive overview of each Parsha
* Animated Characters and Original songs
* In depth narrated story of each event in the Parsha
* The narration uses special sound effects and voices for effect
* Quizzes for grade levels 2-8 on each Parsha
* The Midrash on the Parsha
* For little tikes there are Coloring games with songs on each Parsha
* Ten in depth quizzes for older kids on each Parsha
* Master test on all of Exodus
* Parsha Art on each Parsha
* All Picture libraries are printable as well as colorable on screen

BONUS: Built in Teachers Resource Archive with everything a teacher needs to customize the Parsha learning experience in the classroom.

Screen Shots - Parsha on Parade – Complete 5 CD Set!
Pick a Torah Reading...
Get the Scoop...
Find the Secret Words...
Choose from the many Games...
Take the Big Quiz...
Guides and Printouts for Parent and Teacher...

Reviews - Parsha on Parade – Complete 5 CD Set!

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich - The Jerusalem Post (3/1/2001) wrote:

Torah Tots Parsha on Parade: Sefer Shmot (Book of Exodus), a CD-ROM in
English, by Reuven A. Stone and Menachim Z. Shimanowitz for Torah
Educational Software ( of Jerusalem, a CD-ROM in
English, for PC requires Pentium 133 PC or better, or for Macintosh, for
ages three and up.
Rating: **** 1/2 FOUR GRAPHIC STARS AND A 1/2 MARK out of FIVE

Ask children who study the Bible which Book they find the most interesting,
and ­ although Genesis will probably be a close second, Exodus is likely the
winner. The story of Moses ­ from his dramatic babyhood through his adult
life as leader of the cantankerous Israelites as they trek in the Sinai
wilderness ­ is an epic story and the stuff that movies are made of.
But the events occurred millennia ago, and 21st-century Jewish kids ­
constantly barraged with stimulants that compete for their time and
attention ­ need something special to make it real and relevant. The Torah
Tots project, initiated by Stone & Shimanowitz, produced its first disk last
year, and Bereishit (Genesis) won five stars in a September 2000 review.
Over the next five years, eight more disks ­ three more to complete the
Pentateuch and then five on the Books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings and
Megillot ­ are due. With surging assimilation and intermarriage in the
Diaspora and the widespread feeling among secular Jewish Israelis that the
Bible is the "property" of the religious, turning children on to Jewish
tradition is a vital task.

The disk's teaching approach focuses on keeping the child¹s attention, and
then offers games that reinforce the material. It uses humor, contemporary
language and cultural images such as Superman (³Faster than a speeding
chariot, more powerful than 200 slaves, able to leap tall Pyramids...²).
Although Israeli children are more exposed now than ever to American
culture, this English-language disk would be suitable only to those from
English-speaking families; if it were translated into Hebrew, the North
American slang and atmosphere would have to be adapted to Israel.

Click on any of the 11 Torah portions in Exodus. To study each of them, go
to Peek at the Parsha for a short summary, This Week¹s Episode or a longer
one, or access the whole biblical text in vernacular American-English; all
of these can be printed out. Each portion comes with more than a dozen games
and scores of original drawings that can be virtually tinted on the computer
or printed out for actual coloring. An entire section of printable lesson
material is available for teachers. For testing your knowledge, go to the
quiz on each portion. Totsland Mayor Baruch McBracha poses the questions,
and quiz contestants named Talmi D. Torah, Hardy Har Sinai and the Yetzer
Hara offer three possible answers. The enjoyable quiz is presented at three
levels: 40 multiple-choice questions and no time limit; 50 questions in six
minutes, and 100 questions in 10 minutes. The correct answer is always
proposed by Talmi or Hardy, and bad guy Yetzer Hara¹s suggestions are
intentionally ridiculous: The Jews, you should know, ate manna, not Burger
King. The Mishkan (Tabernacle) was finished in Kislev, not Tevet or
February. Hashem (God) split the Red Sea waters, rather than hitting or
bottling them. Every seven years begins the shmitta, not the yovel or shmata
cycle. Jacob planted trees in Goshen so the Israelites would have wood, not
fruit orlukshen kugel for the Tabernacle. The Jews were forced to build the
cities of Pitom and Ramses, not Cairo and Giza or Boro Park and Tel Aviv.

The product as a whole, with its catchy original music and contemporary touch, is well
done, and I'm looking forward to the Torah Tots version of Leviticus, which is the hardest Book of all.


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